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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Microsoft Word Tutorial Working with Font Group Options Chapter 1

Microsoft Word Tutorial :

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Microsoft Word Tutorial Working with Font group on Home tab

Watch the following video on how to use Font group options in microsoft word

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Microsoft Power point Notes


 Navigation to Power point:
  1. Start power point
Inserting new slide in the presentation:
  1. on the Slides panel
  2. Choose New slide
  3. Or press Ctrl + M to Insert new slilde.
  4. Or Click on New slide icon on the slides group.
Format Background in Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Power point
 Changing Slide back group:
  1. on the slide
  2. Choose format background
  3. Format background window will be opened.
  4. Select Fill color
  5. As Solid Fill, Gradient Fill, Picture or Texture fill. You can also add image as background by click on the File button.
  6. Insert Picture window will be opened.
  7. Select any picture that you want to add slide background image.
  8. Click on Apply to all to add slide back ground to all slide.
  9. If you click on Close button to add Current slide.
Or We can open format back ground by following the steps below. Design background styles Format background. Duplicating slide:
  1. on the slide
  2. Choose Duplicate slide.
  3. Or press Ctrl +D.
Inserting an Auto shape on slide:
  1. Insert Shape
  2. Drag the shape on the slide.
Adding animations to the selected text:
  1. Select Text.
  2. Click on Animations tab.
  3. Click on Custom animation button on the Animations group.
  4. Animations task pane will be opened.
  5. Click on Add Animation button.
  6. Select any animation that you want to add.
  7. Click on Play button to view the preview.
Deleting Slide:
  1. Click on the slide to delete
  2. Click on Delete icon on the slides group.
  3. Or press Delete Key on the Keyboard.
Changing Slide Layout:
  1. Select slide to change Layout.
  2. Click on Layout icon on the Slides group.
  3. Select any layout that you want to add to slide.
Applying Slide design to slide show: Design Select any slide designs from Themes. To view presentation: Press F5 or Slide show From Beginning Save presentation: Click on Office Home button Save Enter file Name.