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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Inserting and Deleting Table Rows/ Columns/ Table:

Working with Tables:
Inserting Table:
Table -->Insert --> Table
Insert Table options window will be opened.
Enter Number of rows and Columns
Click on OK.
1.      Select Rows / columns
2.      Insert / Delete àRows / Columns/ Table.

Merge Cells:
1.      Select
more than one cell
on the Selected Cell
3.      choose
“ Merge”

Split Cells:

1.      Place
the Cursor in the Cell
on the Selected Cell
3.      choose
Split cell
4.      Split cell options window
will be opened.
5.      Enter
Number of Columns / Rows
6.      click
on OK.

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste:

Duplicating the Selected Text is called Copy and Paste

1.      Select
2.      Edit
Copy / Press Ctrl + C / Click Copy icon on the Standard tool bar/ on
the Selected Text and Choose Copy option.
3.      Keep
the Cursor Wherever you want to paste the Copied text.
4.      Edit
Paste / Press Ctrl + V / Click Paste Icon on the Standard tool Bar /
wherever you want to paste and Choose Paste Option.

1.      Select
2.      Press
and Hold the Ctrl Key and Drag the Selected Text Wherever you want to paste
You can paste from Office Clip Board.

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Adding Borders to Ms word Document

How To Add Borders to Ms Word Document:

you can Add Borders to Ms word Document in Any version with Different methods.

Adding Page Borders to Ms- word Document Pages:

1.      Format à
Borders and Shadings
2.      Borders
and Shadings window will be opened.
3.      Click
on Page Border Tab
4.      Select
Box Option Under Settings
5.      Select
Line Style, Color and Width.
6.      Click
on OK.

Learn By Watching Following Video